Louisiana Wild Crawfish Delivery & Catering! Call (512) 677-9453 for Booking

Live Louisiana Crawfish by the Sack (~33lbs)



Price is per ~33lb sack of Crawfish.

What’s does purged mean? Purging means that they have been cleaned after they have left the field and before they have been sacked. Some people prefer unpurged crawfish. Guess they like the added taste of mud! We prefer to eat ours purged and we think you will as well. Not sure if your crawfish are purged. Aren’t most crawfish purged? No, not all crawfish are purged. In fact, many are sacked right in the boat with minimal time to remove trash. It takes an extra step and equipment to bring them up to the purging tanks before sacking.

(Local Delivery & Free Local Pickup on Hold this weekend)

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